Blog Basics

First Send will help you set up a blog for your brand or service (for a definition on “Blog’s” check out this link).

WORDPRESS: First Send can not stress enough the benefits of WordPress. We are a big believer in the platform because of  its simple set up and navigation and we also feel it offers the most aesthetically interesting themes.

BLOGGER: This blogging platform is a part of the Google family and is also very simple to navigate and has lots of benefits as part of the Google franchise. Plug in’s are easy to use and plentiful. The themes aren’t as sleek and professional looking as what you will find on WordPress but there are lots of good qualities to Blogger.

TUMBLR: Tumblr is often called the lazy man’s blogging platform. It’s probably more like the hipster version out of the three. It’s considered to be very easy to use but it depends on the theme you are using.  A lot of brands use Tumblr almost as a back up blog to their main blog. comments are a bit difficult to use on tumblr and as they are an important part of marketing your brand it may not be the best choice for your main blog. A lot of  people use the site mostly for reblogging which is a great way for your brand to find a wider audience.

WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr were voted in the top 5 most popular blogs by Lifehacker in 2010. They held the top 3 positions.
Top 3 positions in Practical E-C0mmerce “Top 10 Blogging Platforms of 2011” .
Wordpress holds the #1 position for “2012 Best Blog Software Comparisons and Reviews”  on
That’s a pretty good track record.

Our Blog “Basics” offer consists of a tutorial of the various features on the platform that you  choose.

We will set up your blog with the basics and we will show you how to post content, video’s, pictures, music, polls, etc.
We will go though the menu bar and all the icons on the admin page so you have a clear understanding how everything works.
We will make sure you have  all the information you need to help you navigate your way through your blog.

Bio Writing for your Brand or Service.

First Send Media offers two versions for your online bio:

  1. A formal version written in a traditional third person voice with extensive detail of your professional
    and educational history. We will use strict SEO an AP Stylebook guidelines.
  2. A more casual bio in the first person to be used in a less formal setting such as micro-blogging.



Connecting Twitter and Facebook?

Facebook is known for their unknowing changes to your page set up when they update their site. This may be one change you should double check if you do not want your Facebook posts to be sent out on Twitter. Check out this video.

First Send Media: Helping people navigate the big bad world of Social Media

Hi, I’m Christina.
I will admit that my interest in Social Media may be more of an obsession. I’ve tried almost every type of platform that has ever been developed. The speed in which new technology is developed means there is always more ground-breaking technology and gadgets to embrace.  When I start hearing the buzz about a new app I go into research mode and read everything I can. I’ve worked with every blog, micro-blog, bookmarking sites, social network, music network, mobile app, picture app, and video site, that you can think of and I’m still learning every day.
My obsession with social media did not go unnoticed among my friends and family. The skeptics asked if I’d guide them through the process. Once I started helping people word spread, and I found myself teaching different types of people and business owners how to embrace the internet and social media.
 If you are looking for someone to fulfill your content writing needs I am happy to help. I have over seven years of content writing experience for various websites and blogs. You will receive original and concise content with killer headlines that will pique the interest of your customers and clients.
My writing services include:
Landing Pages
SEO Blog Posts
Mini Blog Posts
Press Releases
E-Mail Newsletters
Familiarity with website analytics tools, i.e. Google Analytics
and more!

My Personal Resume

Skills: SEO writing. Blogs: WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger. Social Networks: Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Ning, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa. Video Platforms: YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo. Social Network Managers: TweetDeck, Hootsuite, Seesmic. Feed Managers: Feed Burner, Friendfeed, Twitterfeed. Crowdsourcing/Bookmarking:  Pinterest, We Heart It, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious. Various Mobile Apps for iPhone and Droid.
Proficient on both Mac and PC.
Graphic Skills: Creative Suites 5.5, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. Over 25 years of print design experience. Banner design skills and light HTML skills. Graphic Design Resume Upon Request. Ongoing Consulting Business First Send Media Managing the needs of small businesses, musicians, artists, independent contractors plus tutorial services for the social media newbie. Services are listed under skills. December 2011 to Present
CBS Local Media: a division of  CBS Radio Inc. Let’s Get To Work Series, Travel and Outdoor, Food and Drink, Entertainment, Events writer for Philadelphia and surrounding area. Writing Sample: How To Be Disaster Ready In Philadelphia
CBSPhilly Lets Get To Work Series
Music and Entertainment writer for Philadelphia and surrounding area and national articles.
AXS Writing Samples
2008 to Present
 An online entertainment, lifestyle and news resource. Writer for three channels; Local Events, Tech and Gadgets and National Music. Philadelphia Events-Writing about events in the tri-state area. Concert listing and reviews, holiday events, performance, etc.
Writing Sample: Summer Vacation at the Jersey Shore
Social Media-The latest news in technology, business, the web, entertainment, apps, etc. Writing Sample: Hot Gadget Gift Ideas for the Holiday National news – Female Indie Musicians– News, album releases, tours, information, concert reviews, interviews on indie and alternative artists.
Writing Sample: Top 5 albums of 2011, Top 5 albums of 2012
Education: Moore College of Art. BFA Graphic Design.