Guitar Stories

The age old argument of which guitar is the best will always be an argument amongst the biggest guitar enthusiasts. There are many to choose from and chances are it’s the musician and the way he/she uses it that will ultimately unleash its true quality. You often see a rock star’s guitar with wear marks and holes. Their guitars become a part of themselves and no matter what happens none of these musicians would ever put their beloved guitars up for sale or get rid of them in any way. They have come to rely on their guitar claiming it’s the instrument that created the music ignoring the fact it is the musician who steered it in the right direction.

Bob Dylan: 1964 sunburst Fender Stratocaster This guitar did not go over well at the Newport Folk Festival in 1964. Dylan was booed off stage for attempting to play an electric guitar as opposed to an acoustic guitar.

Willie Nelson: Trigger  Nelson’s Martin N-20, which he named Trigger after Roy Rogers horse, has been in Willie’s possession for more than 30 years. The age of the guitar is quite evident due to the large hole.  He first purchased the instrument in 1969 at a honky-tonk in Nashville, TN.

Keith Richards: Micawber Keith Richards 1950’s Fender Telecaster which he named Micawber has the same amount of staying power as its owner. The guitar is tuned to open G, with the sixth string removed. Richards named his guitar after a character in the book “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens.

Eddie Van Halen: Frankenstrat Frakenstrat’s got his name when Van Halen set out to build a guitar with a Gibson sound and a Fender Stratocaster frame. Van Halen paid $50 for the body and $80 for the neck and created one of the most recognizable guitars in Rock n’ Roll. Van Halen decided to make his own guitar when he couldn’t find one that he liked.

B.B. King: Lucille B.B. King’s Gibson ES-355, Lucille has the most interesting tale of how it got the name, Lucille. While King was performing in Arkansas in 1949, a kerosene barrel was knocked over by two men in the middle of a fist fight. The place caught on fire and B.B ran out forgetting his guitar. He ran back into the burning building to retrieve it and almost lost his life. It turns out the two men were fighting over a woman named Lucille.

What do you look for in a sound mixer?


Power mixer equipment is used to arrange a variety of input audio signals in a suitable balance while adjusting  tone quality so that the output is easy on the ears of the audience. There are many varieties available. When looking for a power mixer you will want one that has excellent live sound as well as state-of-the-art digital features. It should also be compact and portable. The Power Yamaha fits the bill. It has impressive output and delivers excellent sound in all environments. With 500 watts per channel means you can use it in a variety of situations indoor and out. The Yamaha EMX5016CF looks like a sure thing.

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